We sell overseas-made products as an agent and build websites, while focusing on development and operation of e-commerce.


We develop and operate company eCommerce mainly in Japan and Southeast Asia.


We provide online promotions and deal with the overall sales of overseas-made products in Japan.

Website creation

We create webpages at home and abroad as well as assisting SNS / web promotion.


MagBak, created in California, USA, is a completely new iPhone case which can be attached everywhere. You can mount it wherever you like thanks to US-patented technology of magnet, and your life will be more comfortable!
We are the general sales agent for MagBak in Japan and Taiwan.

Website creation works

We have created websites of various clients from organizations like universities, hospitals, incorporated bodies to SME and restaurants.

If you have any trouble in EC and web, feel free to contact us

We started out as a developer of e-commerce. We assist you to introduce EC platform like Amazon, as well as creating e-commerce websites.

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