eCommerce business

We develop and operate company eCommerce at home and abroad.

We deal with development of eCommerce and general business operations like product management and customer support at home and abroad.

We offer eCommerce business maximizing the accumulated know-how.

eCommerce development and consultation

We develop e-commerce system and offer consultation to sell your products online.

Domestic eCommerce operation

We operate company’s e-commerce of products of European apparel brands and agent products.

International eCommerce operation

We operate company’s e-commerce focusing in southeast Asia like Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia.

MSTORE, the online shopping site for MONCLER

We develop and operate eCommerce for MONCLER, a French luxury brand famous for down jacket. We offer one-stop customer service from sales to maintenance in tandem with a partner corporation which handle maintenance of down jackets.

Suit-case Mania

We operate an eCommerce site for sales and buyback of RIMOWA, Germany’s leading luggage brand. We also offer maintenance in partnership with specialists for luggage maintenance.

International eCommerce operation

We operate international eCommerce like Shopee used in Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and eBay used in countries of the West and around the world.

MagBak Japan official website

MagBak, created in California, USA, is a completely new iPhone case which can be attached everywhere. You can mount it wherever you like thanks to US-patented technology of magnet, and your life will be more comfortable!

Feel free to contact us if you consider introducing eCommerce.