Privacy policy

NEXEL International Inc. (as “The Site” hereafter) shall make every effort for “protection of personal information” as a company to provide safety for customers and to exercise social responsibility.

1.Definition of personal information

“Personal information” means the information provided in The Personal Information Protection Law (information concerning a living individual which can be used for personal identification, including name, address, phone number), the information which is linked with an certain individual like E-mail address and password, and other information belonging to an individual like hobby, family structure, and age.

2.Purposes of use of personal information

The purposes of use of personal information of customer acquired in The Site are:

  • To provide various services to customers
  • To execute the right and fulfill an obligation based on laws
  • To manage employment work in our company
  • To manage employees

In principle, The Site will not provide personal information of a customer to a third party without customer’s consent except:

  • The cases which the provision of personal information is based on laws or necessary for cooperating with a state institution, a local public body, or an individual or entity entrusted by one in executing the operations prescribed by laws
  • The cases which the provision of personal information is necessary for the protection of the life, body, or property of an individual and in which it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer

3.Legal compliance

The Site shall comply with laws related to personal information, guidelines established by the government and other rules. The Site shall also make company’s management system always conform to those laws and other rules.

4.Safety management of personal information

We shall execute safety measures like security measures and try to prevent and correct the leakage, loss, or damage of personal information in order to secure accuracy and safety of personal information.

5.Correction and deletion of personal information

We shall immediately correspond to the request to correct or delete customer’s personal information after identity conformation.

Please contact us from Contact.

6.Access analysis tool

The Site uses “Google Analytics”, the access analysis tool by Google.

This Google Analytics uses cookies to collect traffic data. The traffic data is collected while anonymousness is guaranteed and does not enable the identification of the specific individual. If you want to reject collection of such data, disable cookies. Please check your browser setting.


We shall not be liable to information and services offered by other sites linked to The Site.

Although we strive to make contents and information in The Site as accurately as possible, erroneous or old information might mingle.

We shall not be liable to damages caused by the contents on The Site.

8.Change in privacy policy

The Site shall appropriately review and strive to improve the content of this policy as well as complying with laws of Japan related to personal information.

Revised latest privacy policy will be shown in this page.