IT consultation business

IT consultation service

The world trend is shifting significantly to remote work and enhancing IT.
Enhancing IT not only improves convenience but also reduces cost and promotes operational efficiency.
We offer a total consultation for adoption of IT in your company by introduction support of groupware, construction of E-mail server and paperless procedure.

Cost reduction by adoption of IT

Adoption of IT for schedule, task, expense settlement of employees streamlines workflow and eventually reduces cost significantly.

Cloud introduction

We introduce various cloud service to share information within a company properly and streamline business.

Groupware introduction

We introduce and give tutorials on groupware to digitalize management of schedule, attendance, and project of employees for operational efficiency.

Paperless procedure

By making a transition from various paper documents in your office to digital management, you can make effective use of limited office space.

PC device setting in your office

We optimize devices like PC (Windows or Mac) and printer according to your use environment so that you can use them right away.

Tutorials on operation

We give various tutorials on using PC, tablet, and smartphone efficiently in business.

Remote work introduction

We assist you to introduce various systems necessary for remote work like telephone conference system and chat system.

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